1. olibonibon:

    I remember the day you left.
    Tying rocks to your ankles,
    you said,
    I’m going to find a new world,
    under the ocean.”
    guess you must be enjoying 
    I haven’t seen you since.

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  4. dandylioness:

    shit, this is too real

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  5. photonasty:


    I think he got what he deserves. Try to burn your own skin dumbass. 

    I hope this is really old footage. Why, in the 21st century, would you brand a horse? I don’t know much about this, but wouldn’t RFID implants be more humane? Couldn’t you at least anaesthetize the horse? I’m genuinely curious tbh.

  6. zay4ik:

    deer licking cat

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  9. "Having seen how lucidly and logically certain madmen
    justify their lunatic ideas to themselves and to others,
    I can never again be sure of the lucidness of my lucidity"
    —       Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet (via fuckyeahexistentialism)

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  10. "Empty yourself and let the universe fill you."
    — Unknown (via suspend)

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  11. guruwithin:


    ॐ- Spirituality - Enlightenment - Mysticism ॐ-

    I know I’ve reblogged the quote before but the graphic with it is just too cool!

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    please don’t tease carnivorous plants like this!!!! it takes enormous amounts of their energy to dissolve the insects that they need to survive and it takes days to process them!!! when you do this you’re wasting all of their energy and pretty much starving them!!!!!

    not sure if you’re serious? aha ^

    They are. Go to a biology class and learn something ignorant fuck

    wow  no need to be an asshole about it…

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  13. praise-feeder:

    What the fuck, you are fucking beautiful

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  15. kmsha:


    To all the people who say “that’s going to look terrible when you’re older” fuck you, this older woman I met at work today has two sleeves and other tattoos in other various places and looks amazing and I would love to look like this rad grandma when I’m her age.

    Damn right! 

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